Professional  french author-photographer because the passion is strongest, I learned the light by particularly interesting me in the color and his magic.

I had the huge chance, at my beginnings, to be the first assistant of one of the most famous fashion photographers of the moment, near which I learned much on the world of fashion, the rigour of work, the creativity and inventiveness all necessary to obtain the awaited result.

I could collaborate with several famous agencies (PIX -  general illustration - OROP - people) and to carry out visuals for publicity, illustration for magazines, photographs of sets, as well as many portraits of artists or racing drivers on the circuit of Formula 1.

My true passion: to create very personal images. I chose to diffuse them in form of exclusives limited series, numbered with certificates. I offer very hight quality prints created by myself with the DIGIGRAPHIE® (by EPSON®) technique, using papers and inks which make it possible to guarantee the perenniality of “works” beyond hundred years.

claude bastide


claude bastide is represented by la Galerie N#1 - 151, rue du Chevaleret - 75013 - Paris - France

claude bastide decided to return to the roots of his art by developing his own creative universe, centered on the woman, sometimes woman-fairy, woman-angel, teen flower, grand-daughter of Eve, haloed woman of softness and ingenuity whose surprised nudity reveals brittleness, but a brittleness that frankness turns disarming, woman whose purity plays with the mysteries of before the beginnings of the world, lost obviousness of an Eden where the existence of decency would agree with the existence of perversion. The sensual glance of the lens is tinted through the filter of surprise filled with wonder in the eye of the photographer, in a singular and enthralling dialectic where seem to mix wishing possession and respectful fascination for what the universe created of most beautiful. It is mission of the photographer to reveal the dimension of this mystery but not without precaution. It is the word refinement which comes to mind. And when the representation comes to play with some erotic codes, the naughty impression is overtaked by the related expression of an innocence and by the respect of the glance. While revealing their charm, the light haloes and protects these gracious idols from a delicate membrane as the materialized image of this silk cocoon which, in the series "Bulles de Femmes", veils them as much as it reveals them, as much as it shelters sequesters them, plays in distance as much as in transparency.

The images which claude bastide creates are a space of enchantment which picks the senses up. When one absorbs oneself in the contemplation of one of these photographs, one ends up hearing laughter, or the light noise of the wind, feeling the caress of the atmosphere, and to even feel the flavours by a recovered synesthesia. The representation is breathing, porous, tactile.
Recently, rocking the energy of the yin towards the yang, he engages his heroins in more incarnated battles, with the complicity of the photographer they are made spokeswomen and the spectacle starts to challenge the spectator, turning over towards him the glance of the lens. Where one find more clearly a new dimension out, whitch up to that point let himself only guess, in the interaction which the author maintains with his subjects, that of complicity and of the mirror, tinted by small keys of rebellion against the fallacious prudishness of our time.



  • From may 21 to 29  2016

Romorantin Lanthenay - Cher



  • April 28  to may 2  2016

GMAC Bastille with la Galerie N#1
(stand 66)

  • April 14 to 17 2016

VIVE LE PRINTEMPS collective exhibition at la Galerie N#1 - Paris XIII

  • April 7 to 17 2016

INAUGURAL EXHIBITION collective exhibition at la Galerie ARTURO MACCAGNI
Rosny-Sous-Bois - France

  • April 1 to 3  2016

SALON ART3F Lyon with la Galerie N#1

  • February 12 au 14  2016

SALON 4ART Halle des Blancs Manteaux
Paris IV with la Galerie N#1

  • February 8 to 11  2016

LOVE ETC... collective exhibition at
la Galerie N#1 - Paris XIII


AVRIL 2016:

Exhibitionn GMAC Paris Bastille


Exhibition Salon Photo Paris


1°Exhibition Galerie N#1 Paris XIII

APRIL 2015:

First exhibition Bourges



JULLY 2014:

Opening the new studio

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