claude bastide


You can buy all these Fine Arts at:
La Galerie N#1 - 151, rue du Chevaleret -75013 Paris

Tél : +33 6 08 54 75 29

or by contact form to claude bastide


This is a new series, as a four hands game with the "Nez Rouges" from Anmarie LEON, small sculpted characters who come to put their grain of salt in smoked out images, is on run with with the complicity of remarkable fashion designers such as "L'Atelier d'Eve" and Florian Bernagoult, both from Bourges - France.

It tries to titillates your imaginary by telling extraordinary stories.

Nontoxic Smoke guarantee, you can admire them on your walls without any risk !


Another series, inspired from the "Jeunes Filles en Fleurs", with a resolutely modern look, mixing skin tones, flashy colors and strange objects.


Eve's grand-daughter, haloed woman of softness and ingenuity whose surprised nudity reveals brittleness, but a brittleness that frankness turns disarming, woman whose purity plays with the mysteries of before the beginnings of the world, lost obviousness of an Eden where the existence of decency would agree with the existence of perversion

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